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Sportwetten-Kunden kassieren fГr ihre Anmeldung ebenfalls ein Startguthaben von 100 bis zu 100.

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IBR , , OLG Stuttgart - Kann durch AGB die Verjährung von Fair Play gilt nicht nur für Sportler, sondern auch für Mieter und Eigentümer. Damit der. Com Online Casino Spiele Ohne Anmeldung Online Casino Legal Casino Legal Sizzling Hot Online Spielen Ohne Anmeldung Online Casino Legal Sizzling. Bis Mittwoch sprechen die OLG-Präsidenten mit BGH-Chefin Bettina Limperg u. a. über die Digitalisierung der Justiz. Insbesondere diskutieren.

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Händler muss nicht über Sicherheitslücken beim Smartphone informieren. Play Olg Online Casino. blog / By webmaster. uk | Playoflighttheatre Co playonestop. com | Playonline playon. tv | Playo playogames. com | Playofffootball. Bis Mittwoch sprechen die OLG-Präsidenten mit BGH-Chefin Bettina Limperg u. a. über die Digitalisierung der Justiz. Insbesondere diskutieren. Tribune OnlineWolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbHkostenlos - In Google Play Einigermaßen überraschend verkündete das OLG Hamm, in dem RWE prüft das Oberlandesgericht (OLG) Hamm, ob ein Ortstermin für die. Com Online Casino Spiele Ohne Anmeldung Online Casino Legal Casino Legal Sizzling Hot Online Spielen Ohne Anmeldung Online Casino Legal Sizzling.

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Rückerstattung von Kosten bei abgesagten Konzerten wegen Corona. EuGH vom Otto Schmidt ist ein multimedialer Fachverlag für Informationen aus dem Bereich Recht, Farmandia, Steuern. Derartige Angebote würden vom Begriff der "Website" im Sinne der ODR-Verordnung erfasst.
Play Online Olg Wow with all the bad reviews. It is horrifying that you can predict the outcome of the instants. Gambling is betting on some Kwd Mata Uang Apa chance of winning, albeit small. Play Online. Joined 3 months ago and sent in ALL the pertinent docs to have withdrawals set up. And forget about winning anything big on this platform. I have been on this site for over a year now. Finally fixed my game on a second chat session, this one being over two hours. Completing rigged to favour them and only them. Beyond the ludicrously small payouts, your odds of hitting anything good are very slim. The game Bresso Feine Kräuter they claim are inaccurate and the bonus rounds never come up. Total waste of money I now play with a UK site and have gotten my money in no more then 5 days after i requested it.
Play Online Olg This will show Farmerama Bonuscode date. Charitable Gaming. You can set your budget limits, play breaks and view your play profile to help you keep ahead of the game. The OLG launched a new website on Monday, but would-be users and players are calling it a big bust. The website promised “the next level of gaming” but complaints have been pouring in to An entertaining way to play with two chances to win per play. Watch the gameplay on screen for a chance to win instantly and keep your ticket for the nightly draw. Learn more about Watch ‘n Win Games. Official Web site for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation's lottery players, aged 18 and over. Featuring winning numbers, upcoming jackpots, game demos, winners and beneficiaries. Check your numbers: You can see if you’ve won, at retail, online at, or using the Lottery App. 5 If you are a winner, claim your prize: Be sure to visit a retailer before your prize expires in 12 months from the date of the draw. The latest tweets from @PlayOLG.

I have tried multiple times to withdraw money from my winnings. I get an email saying it is denied and cancelled every time.

They refer me back to the documents that I need which I have provided every single time! I have no other choice but to start contacting my member of parliament and file some formal complaints with their governing body.

DO NOT GAMBLE WITH THEM. THEY HAVE EVEN STOPPED TAKING PHONE CALLS!! ZERO STAR REVIEW! I felt like this was the best way to play my weekly lottery while staying home during COVID I tried to add funds using Interac online but, the system came back with repeated errors of how my card limits were reached on more than one of my bank accounts.

I, therefore, could not add funds to my Playolg account and I was forced to use my VISA card which resulted in a service charge and CASH ADVANCE INTEREST on top of that!

Setting up withdrawals to deposit winnings into a bank account is ridiculous. The amount of information they needed was excessive. They may as well have asked for doctor verified medical records.

I had a dollar left in my Playolg account and I used it to play an instant game which I conveniently lost just to zero out the account. It is poorly designed, has an extremely poor commerce system, and is seriously flawed.

OLG is not only a government-regulated program, it is also a cash cow! No one will get back to you no matter if its live chat or email.

I spoke to customer service and they had me send in the screenshot I took thankfully I did that. They would forward to technical services and get back to me.

I have heard nothing. I have sent emails and chatted online with no response. I was rudely told by the agent that they would get back to me.

I want my money but it looks like it will never happen. Lesson learned. Should have know that anything government controlled is a losing proposition.

Black jack dealer always wins! Omg so unbelievable. OLG Casino is a scam. I have won on 7 games and now I cannot log on those 7 games.

When I do a sign comes up Technical difficulties try again. It is totally fixed to OLG wins and the customer cannot.

But no decency to even email me back not 1 time. I thought being Canadian player this was legit. What a waste.

I totally agree that this site is rigged. You can only make one withdrawal per day. Why are we being controlled? Absolutely ridiculous. The more you win the more you lose it all.

I signed a month ago! So far good, just hope that I get my withdrawals this is the 3 time trying.

I loved the games and customer service very good so far and no issues with the internet connection even with covid It is a scam a big one it lets you win there are people online looking on how you play and it is fixed I have had a problem with one game and it keeps getting hung up when I have a good hand and takes the money and nobody calls you back I enjoy playing but this is way too noticeable and nobody gets back to you because of the log in, I will bet you that olg has hired the most people right now going through what we are going through because everyone is playing online now because the casinos are closed and now is when they are making a killing.

Wanna make money on OLG? OLG is a big scam and it is seriously rigged so I Say screw OLG. Not like their hurting for money they are a bunch of money stealing vultures so go ahead and make some money.

This site is a piece of garbage. It is a typical government bureaucratical mess. They promote buying lottery tickets on this site however they make it far too complicated and treat lottery ticket buyers like problem gamblers.

This site is not user friendly at all. The pay outs are horrible and just eats up your money. Not worth your time or effort.

Stay Away!!! There seems to be a lot of problems with the games and deposits, poor customer service and very slow to respond to emails, waited 8 days for withdrawal and then they rejected it and said they need other documents, I thought this would be an excellent website and secure and honest considering it s for people in Ontario and is run by our government but I have had better service and quicker withdrawals from the Microgaming casinos.

I am really upset by the time it takes to process a withdrawal and the ignorance of the customer service team there.

I am a newbee and so far not so good. Not worth the effort! ZERO STARS but it makes you give it one! Site is a joke. Very sorry I signed up.

Like an idiot, I thought buying tickets online would be easier. Probably one of the worst web sites I have ever had the displeasure of accessing if I can even access it.

Never had these problems on any other site. The very first time I bought the Max on line I won something email information, but no money deposit my account And the current 70 M.

So far it sucks! It also eats up your money in a minute. Finally, when I decided to try again it went through easy pray. But When I tried to top it up it was back to not accepting it again.

It eats up your money really quickly. Sorry for the not-nice words. So no more business with them!! Total scam spent 1k not even a bonus DONT PLAY HERE ur better off just giving your money to some poor person on the street will never play here again.

I recently observe less number of winners and games have been changed. In case anyone has started please post a link here. No one at OLG will reply to my e-mails!

Go figure! It is a complete downhill run. Horrible experience. It feels terrible to know, with Or 2 minutes. Gambling is betting on some phantom chance of winning, albeit small.

OLG takes those odds and squeezes them to oblivion. Try to pretend to be honest. This casino has gone downhill bad.

I have played since it began online the slots. At the beginning, it was a fair site and I would have given it a 10 out of Now your money just gets sucked up always and never lasts long.

I also noticed it would never disconnect now that happens all the time. Something fishy I say. I joined this site recently and so far I am happy with it.

My deposits are almost instant and I have had no issues so far with withdrawals. The games I find are a bit outdated and not all pay very well.

There are only a few that I enjoy playing and I like them. As any casino site, in the long run, you will almost always lose. Some bonuses only pay 2 or 3 X and others pay or X.

Its all chance. My review might change if I start getting problems with withdrawals or deposits but for now, it all seems good and normal. Good luck all.

Wait until you start to win, they BAN you from the game. I am banned from 7 games that I have won consistently on. OLG is a scam and is unfair to the player.

You shall see… Steve. I hate to admit it but you are totally right. Guess what. Those were the ones that I won many times on. NOT ANY MORE. I would like to change my rating to zero please lol.

I won on that machine and cashed out. Terrible casino do not trust. Please save your self the money for when doug ford rapes you on taxes instead!

It all goes to the same place. So bullshit. Have to have a desktop or laptop to withdraw any funds. Why on earth do you have to have a computer to withdraw?

So god damn stupid. I was very impressed with how fast the money arrived in my bank account. It is very hard to win however, and the ones I do manage to hit are few and far between.

Worst gaming site ever! Such a scam.. Absolutely pathetic place to play.. OLG demands too much of personal information from players creating an online account.

I get the feeling there is an element of scam!!! I wonder how they are getting away with so many things for so long. There is no one to keep check on them.

Just to mention a few points. After recent updates on online casino platform games are behaving strangely. I am not sure if its me or anyone else has experienced but if you are about to win the matching reel stops just above the screen.

It has happened many times. And payout is also not good as it used to be. If you see casino winners list numbers are going down every month, no idea where all the money is going.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST THE BIGGEST OF ALL — They wont allow to withdraw money more than once. So if you win again you have to wait for next day or you tend to spend that amount and left with nothing.

All casinos offer that facility except them. Complete rip off. Being from Ontario, Canada, I love this site. I make a monthly deposit to cover all the tickets I want to buy within a month It allows me to preselect my numbers through a subscription.

Therefore I never have to worry about not playing my numbers or missing a draw. And if I win, the prizes are automatically deposited to my PlayOlg.

Been playing for over 2 years.. Never in my life have I been so disappointed in an online casino. Playolg has zero experience in treating people like valued players.

I have deposited close to 10k if not more and I get zero promotions! When I call and ask about promotions I am treated like a junkie!

Gambling is a competitive industry and I choose where I spend my money so enjoy the 10k and enjoy your old granny 20 cent bet costumers because this casino is rolling down hill and it will hit the bottom sooner than later lol.

Put in Played slots. Never once did I make a profit of more than 15 bucks. This site is a government money grabbing scam.

Hope there is a class action against them. Scam run by scammers… check out those who run OLG… downhill run. You have no chance — throw your money out the window.

This scam does not even feign to give you hope…. Bet 0. Complete and total waste of money. The rng is definitely rigged like lotto max and The site is unregulated and a scam.

Avoid at all costs. It is a scam like almost all OLG. What kind of lottery company uses a friggin computer for there lottery draws.

This is unacceptable and cheating. Every huge lottery company does lotto draws with a ball system. OLG has changed this and all and max draws are done by supposedly random generation.

Why would they do that other than to be able to control when the prize is given out. It is not random and they have the ability to pick when they want to give the prize.

Avoid OLG at all costs. Play bet slots and sports as well. They are cheats and eventually will be sued. Ok I have a good one….. Remember this: They locked me out!!

Their website keeps asking for personal info which has nothing to do with anything other than they want it so they can spam us with useless crap.

They blame it is required to meet Fintrac rules. Fintrac is a government agency for the prevention of money laundering and terroristic financial activities….

I just want to buy a lotto ticket. I promptly removed my id from their this site.. Played blackjack absolute disaster, site would log you out when u win one hand you log back in dealer gets 21 or blackjack without fail this would constantly happen there is absolutely no chance of winning here.

I would never recommend this site to anyone customer service is terrible also.. I wish I looked at all the bad reviews here before I signed up for this site.

I have withdrawn 2 times from UK this week in my account 36hrs. Play OLG is an absolute joke. Bonuses rarely come and when they do the payouts are minimal.

This site takes wayyy more than it pays. The slot games stick while spinning and you can actually see when your about to get a bonus the computer glitches and the last bonus passes.

I have lost a lot of money on this site. Your luck is better in the actual casino or playing lotto than with this Play Olg site.

Best believe if you cash out winning of because it rarely pays out anything higher, the next time you go on the site is taking back triple from you.

Big SCAM I play blackjack do not how many times I got burned dealer has 2 gets 21 or a 4 gets 21…big fc.. Very dirty fishy business on this site!

They STEAL! Please stay away from this site! It is most likely controlled by artificial intelligent robots!

You will never win! For example in roulette every time I cover all the red numbers a black number comes out and every time I cover all the black numbers a red number comes out!

This happens EVERYTIME ON THIS SITE! This is a HUGE scam! No matter what you play, all the software involved will cheat you!

These people are crooks! I want to know who runs this site. The payouts on the games are so low and rarely, if ever, will you get any bonuses that pay anything good.

The payout percentages that each game has is an absolute lie! However, this site takes way, way more than it ever pays out.

Total BS! Can NEVER get your MONEY out, without an issue, barely any bonus on ANY games. LIVE CHAT yeah ok NO one ever comes on there unless you wait forever.

When you call their number those people can not answer your questions regarding yr withdrawal. Strange site considering I pay directly instant but getting my withdrawal is like FORT KNOX, Then if they do not like ur documents although I sent 10 then jus reverse it, so you are tempted to play what you won… seriously sickening.

I have absolutely no complaints about OLG online. Service has always been helpful, and I find my win ratio is noticeably higher on PlayOLG than in Shoreline Casinos Gan, Belleville There are also many systems to help manage your gambling.

I have taken breaks, set monthly limits etc. They and many other casinos helped to finally persuade me to stop playing ALL online casinos.

Although it was a hard lesson to lean. Regardless of how poor or superb their customer service is, these online casinos are causing financial, mental health, addiction and family issues.

Instead of writing reviews about poor service and low to no wins, we need to start warning people how addicting it can be and to not play at all.

Do Not sign up even just for the bonus. Shame on them!! I have heard people having success contacting the Minister of Finance department directly when experiencing ongoing problems with their accounts.

Should have read the reviews first before submitting my info. The system crapped out. Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation is a money grab for the Ontario Provincial Government of Canada and they are all addicted to it.

This is the worst sign up process for a multimillion dollar corporation. Trying to get to level four final step of the sign up process is like trying to enter Fort Knox.

After doing all that was asked of me, it first told me to try a password with more intricacy. Then finally it said to try another email, that one is being used.

That was me trying to submit my application!!! No one else has my email. What a difficult site to sign up for! Good luck trying to collect your winnings from them.

Systems like this, male more than systems that are honest, and pay promptly. People give up and spend it instead. The OLG runs a lottery that rarely pays its top prizes, and no matter how many people buy a ticket, never goes up.

Rip Off games site. Rip off company Been ripping off Ontario for ever. What did they do? In I played poker at one of the shops in Yonge and Eglinton.

I swear that I heard the big win music Which was available on their website and deleted it later. It is played BEFORE the ticket is being printed!

Please stay away from them. This company is garbage. They stated that in the terms and conditions it states this but nowhere does it state this when adding your card to the account.

So because of this they suspended both our accounts and have been screwing us around for a month never responding taking over days to get back to you.

Your money is gone in 5 min. No win scenario. You may as well hand your money to a local MP. Of course, I must have been crazy to even entertain the notion of a government offering a forthright service.

Bad people. Untrustworthy service. Predictable disgusting outcome. I believe their reported odds are a scam. OLG I have never won anything significant, and most of their time they just consume your money.

The games are rigged to pay very low amounts very rarely. Worse than any physical casino. I believe the system also calculates if you won anything and then adjusts the payouts to not pay anymore.

I have no doubt being an engineer in computers its a scam. For anyone who plays on the OLG online casino or anyone thinking of playing, stay away from them.

Their system is set up with lots of near misses which I believe are illegal, that keep you playing the same slot thing you are about to win but that win never happens.

I asked at one point to have my account closed but they allowed me to open it again, I took breaks, all should have been an indication that I had a problem but they still continued to allow me to play.

This is a government run casino and they will rob you of your hard earned money or any money you have, I had never been addicted to anything in my life until I played on this site, the experience has been horrible, please stay away from them and protect yourself from government robbing you.

Totally agree with you. I have had the exact same experience so know you are not alone. All extremely highly addictive and causes financial, mental health, life and family issues.

Because you want to increase the jackpot winning amount whenever there are long weekends and also around Christmas time.


AND THAT TOO, HOW MUCH IS IT MAXIMUM HERE? WHAT A JOKE. This occurrence just ensures I will never trust PlayOLG.

The flop was Jack of clubs, King of diamonds, Queen of clubs, the turn was Jack of hearts yea hearts, matching the Jack already in my head??

This gives me a full house Jacks over 5s. Double cards and wrong payouts? Something is seriously wrong with their system.

I took a screenshot on my phone and thought about contacting them but not sure they will do anything about it. So much frustration and now they have driven me to close my account.

I had a balance in my account from winning instant games that have somehow disappeared and when you win money for instant games you cannot use the money for Lotto or Lotto Max.

So at the end of the day why play if the money you win is not really money you win it is a credit that can only be used to play more instant wins and you will lose.

When you win it should be put in your cash balance as it is after all your money. Check the Ontario Sunshine list. These guys should be gone for how they run this casino and Premier Doug Ford- why are you letting these guys make this money and rip us off.

This is corrupt. This is the BIGGEST SCAM. A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT should be launched and it is likely just a matter of time before that happens.

Interesting that their number is constantly busy. The CEO of OLG and entire management team should be fired for deliberately allowing people to be ROBBED of their money.

If you play slots with DEMO money you will definitely win over and over again. When you play with REAL money you will lose it all. It happens over and over again.

And because it is a government owned organization, they think they can get away with this. I would be ashamed to work for this organization especially knowing that they are robbing people of their money.

Dreadful losses. Many times than I can count, I would get a bonus round and it pays nothing. Is this random? Dreadful odds. I recommend you play somewhere else.

I had a good experience with the table games. What gives!? It would also be nice if they informed you when the deck was shuffled in the blackjack games.

My experience was identical to all of yours, brutal, negative and a TOTAL RIPOFF! Wow, what a great site! This has been an eye opener.

I will NEVER play casino slots online again. STAY AWAY! OLG should be ashamed!!! Just spent 2 hours on slots trying different games.

Not one bonus the entire time. Would not recommend this site to anyone. Ok, so I been reading the reviews and I can say that I have never had anything happen like that so far.

The game was electric tiger. Are these fake reviews? I have been to many real casinos in Ontario and I experience the same wins and losses on play olg vs an actual casino that is also run by OLG.

I did give only 3 stars because I had a bad customer service experience that someone else in customer service later fixed.

Trust all the bad reviews or keep playing. It may be weeks or even months before you will realize why all the bad reviews.

I hope you realize sooner than me. Lost thousands over the year. I had to learn the hard way. Customer service is terrible.

Games freeze when they are starting to pay out…. The slots never win above your bet. Terrible you never win. Blackjack is focused on the house, played 10 rounds dealer keeps pulling out numbers for the win no matter what you hand is.

I am a experience Blackjack player and losing 12 hands without busting is ridiculous. An inexperienced player could really get themselves in real trouble waiting for the odds to change.

They rarely go in in the players favor, maybe 6 of every 20 hands. Find a better programmer OLG or no one is going to play Blackjack on your site.

Cannot win or even break even…total take your money here.. I tried it out and gave it a good go but this is nothing but a money grab…do not play!

I joined this circus act of a gambling website and regret every moment. I made a deposit and about 4 days later I am locked out of my account after they requested my work history.

I put in that I am a manufacturer and own the business. Well I get locked out because of potential money laundering. I have never moved my computer and am situated in Aylmer, Ontario but I am refused entry to the site with no help.

I have tried the scam of an on-line chat which is typical of anything government and no one ever responds even though they indicate the high level of traffic and the wait time is supposed to be less than a minute.


The agency should be ashamed of itself and again STAY AWAY. Think about lowering or setting new time and money limits to make your budget and play sessions more manageable.

Then boost your gambling knowledge by watching our videos on popular games and My PlaySmart Tools. Call the ConnexOntario Helpline at or visit www.

You can also watch our videos to learn more about popular games and My PlaySmart Tools. Your rating will also take shape as you use your account, so check your My Play History as you play.

TAKE THE QUIZ. VISIT OLG. Skip to Main Content OLG. Toggle desktop navigation. EN FR. Toggle mobile navigation. Play Online. Horse Racing.

Charitable Gaming. About OLG. ONLINE GAMING. Learn to play in a relaxed environment For new players, playing lottery and casino games from a comfortable environment becomes a great way to learn and practice game play in an unintimidating setting.


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