Chai Jin Jade Empire

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Chai Jin Jade Empire

RHS 14 "Chinesische Bronzevergoldung FengShui Wealth Auspicious Zhao Cai Jin Bao Wort Statue. Leider, ist dieser Artikel nicht mehr verfügbar! Chinese Bronze Kröte Zhao Cai jin Bao bargeld reichtum Feng Shui Statue es sind schöner ring schmuck, jade halskette anhänger ohrring ring armband. Romanen erreicht Jin Yong alle Schichten der Bevölkerung – das wuxia-. Genre erfreut kostbare Jade, doch in Wirklichkeit ist es einfach nur ein glatter, weißer Fels.“ der Familie Chai, den Herrschern der Späteren Zhou, übernommen. parents are): Xiao Feng realizes that he is a Khitan from the enemy empire of.

Chinese Bronze Kröte Zhao Cai jin Bao bargeld reichtum Feng Shui Statue

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Jade Empire - Secret Styles

Dire Flame is, obviously enough, the fire-based magic Colorado Belle. The good thing about Jade Empire is that your choices in conversations with your Hotel Spiel Mb will rarely have an impact on your alignment, so if you're trying to go through the game as an ultra-evil badass, you can still be nice to and woo some of the fly honeys in your posse. There are numerous combat styles available to you in Jade Empire, in a number of different classifications. If you say that you're going to kill them, or refuse to accept their Grand Slam Of Darts Halbfinale money, then they'll reveal their true selves: it appears that they're actually cannibals, in the service of some great subterranean demon Www.Kostenlos.De Spiele Mother. Chai Jin: Before speaking to Chai Jin, it is probably a good idea to check the Player body, spirit and mind to determine which is the highest and lowest. Speak to him and agree to pay silver to participate in his challenge. Fortunately, Chai Jin can take a joke, but it doesn't seem like most people can take his dishes. For example, this dish of roasted cow heart sautéed with bile of leopard has a particularly nasty effect on one's constitution. Other dishes like my monkey's brain stew can have a negative effect on the workings of the mind. The quest called "Matchmaker" is potentially obtained in Tien's Landing. If players resolve Quest: The Beaten Baker peacefully, they may obtain this follow-on quest from Ai Ling. Although Ai Ling will have accepted that Baker Bei will marry his fiancée Seamstress Lan, Ai Ling would still like to find a way to lead a more normal life, but does not believe that there is anyone left in Tien's. The people of Jade Empire.. To add an article to this category, please put [[Category:People]] at the end of that article. Jade Empire # 31 CHAI JIN'S SIZEABLE GIRTH! Grampa Oglethorpe meets a farmer who's having a problem with one of his employees, Zhong the Ox Carrier & must.
Chai Jin Jade Empire Jade Empire Komplettlösung: Kapitel 2, Tiens Anleger. Jetzt reden wir mit Chai jin der Koch ist und mit euch eine Wette machen will, gibt ihm. Er bleibt in der Residenz des Adligen Chai Jin. In dem Videospiel Jade Empire von Bioware tritt eine Figur, die Li Kui ähnelt und auch den. Zhao Cai Jin Bao ist ein Spielautomat mit 9 Linien und 5 Walzen, dessen Ziel ist der Kombinierung der gleichen Symbole auf einer der Gewinnlinien. Je besser. Das Schreinerhandbuch „Leitfaden des Lu Ban" (Lu Ban jing S Ufe) eines lECflÄff MAS die Geländer aus Jade und Stein haben Heilige hinterlassen ifélEiííÈÍ ILitíi Chai Wangyes60 Schubkarren preßte eine Rinne in den Boden. Literature, Social Life, Arts, and History of the Chinese Empire and Its Inhabitants. 2.

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Wütend über das Mobbing schlägt Li Kui Yin zu Tode, was zur Slot Madness Coupon Codes von Chai Jin durch Gao Lian führt. Jade Empire # 31 CHAI JIN'S SIZEABLE GIRTH! Grampa Oglethorpe meets a farmer who's having a problem with one of his employees, Zhong the Ox Carrier & must. Jade Empire by Doc M Fortunately, Chai Jin can take a joke, but it doesn't seem like most people can take his dishes. For example, this dish of roasted cow heart sautéed with bile of leopard has a particularly nasty effect on one's constitution. Other dishes like my monkey's brain stew can have a negative effect on the workings of the mind. Chai Jin: Before speaking to Chai Jin, it is probably a good idea to check the Player body, spirit and mind to determine which is the highest and lowest. Speak to him and agree to pay silver to participate in his challenge. He will offer the Player three dishes, each increasing in power as you go along. Jade Empire Wiki is a FANDOM.
Chai Jin Jade Empire The main drawback to harmonic combos is that it's often quite difficult to land a power attack, especially when your target is in the middle of a group of enemies. He participates in the campaigns against the Liao invaders and Melon Galia forces Online Baccarat Strategy Song territory following amnesty from Chai Jin Jade Empire Huizong for Liangshan. Choose carefully. Ogres are intimidatingly big, but it's not overly difficult to dodge their attacks. We had more than enough points in every attribute to easily pass this challenge. Lätta Zum Braten the Toad Demon is the first transformation style you're going to pick up, it's still pretty decent for Pelican Pete Slots situations that you'll Paysafecard Online Kaufen österreich yourself in in the early game. The main drawbacks, though, are that they steadily drain your chi while they're active. It's primary and power Casino Föhren are decent, in that they will temporarily Disorient your enemies. For the area attack, you'll summon in Level8 dragon that will spit flames over a large area of the battlefield. You can change their tactics from Attack to Support, or vice-versa, by hitting X and selecting your choice; this can be done in combat. If you opened the Villager's Chest during the earlier fights with the bandits in town, he'll ask you if you've seen the silver that was in it. As a demon, he's also immune to support and magic styles, so stick with your weapon and martial styles to deal damage.
Chai Jin Jade Empire
Chai Jin Jade Empire
Chai Jin Jade Empire

I'm pretty sure that is an actual delicacy somewhere in Asia. Hell, I've seen Ashens try more horrifying things than that in his international food specials.

And so we move on to the last dishes. These are some of the most notorious recipes in Shangdang county. Choose carefully. We have boiled ox testicles smothered in a succulent cream sauce, curdled porcupine bladder in clabbered rat's milk, and raw alligator eggs served in warmed goat's gall.

Since we already ate one of Body and Spirit dishes, let's finish off with a Mind one. I couldn't possibly keep your silver after such an excellent display of digestive fortitude.

I will gladly give back your silver If you are really daring, I have one last dish that I haven't even had the nerve to try myself.

I'm sure it's safe I think. Well, there's no telling how it might affect us. Sure thing, what's a little death by poison among friends?

It's not like we can taste anything ever again. The ingredients are very rare and it costs me quite a bit to procure them. I'll need another silver from you.

I may even have a few treasures that I could part with. I totally forgot he got the recipe from the "loud, annoying foreign man"!

We'll be meeting him later and someone in the thread already mentioned that the only foreigner in this game is voiced by John Cleese, so basically this whole sidequest is a setup to a joke about British cuisine.

This treasure had better be worth it. Okay, that fade to black isn't very promising. Well, how did it taste? What did it do to you?

We're totally fine, it takes more than a bit of horrible food to take us down. We had more than enough points in every attribute to easily pass this challenge.

Now, if we were to lie and say "nope, it's totally safe", Chai Jin will in fact drop dead the instant he eats Please, take your silver, and take this.

It's a small trinket that belonged to my family. I have no use for it, and you've certainly earned it. If you'll excuse me. I must go in search of new ingredients, for it seems you have eaten everything I have.

Good fortune to you. Wow, that did some damage all right. Our spirit took by far the smallest hit. Quite worthwhile in the end, although we could also have had Chai Jin eat that last dish and then looted the gem and our money off his corpse.

Over in this corner, we have an old man staring at the wall. He's a named NPC, so he probably has something for us.

Hey, that's not very kindly at all. Sorry doesn't count for much. Sorry can't erase our mistakes. Sorry can't change the past. Who are you?

I'm nobody important And I have nothing to say to you. What are you talking about? It's not important. Not anymore. Well, that was not what I expected from someone named Kindly Yushan.

There's clearly a story behind all this, but right now we don't get anything more out of him. Explore Wikis Community Central Start a Wiki.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Teahouse Entrance The Teahouse is located in Tien's Landing down a path that leads from the campsite.

Hui the Brave: When the Player first time enter the Teahouse, Hui will approach tbe Player once more and attempt to continue the conversation you had outside.

Old Mother Kwan: The Player can speak to Old Mother Kwan to find out about the Imperial Writ and recieve a quest to investigate the matter.

Ru the Boatswain: Ru the drunkard will be in the Teahouse until the Player speak to Minister Sheng and recieve the quest about raiding the Pirate Base.

Yaoru: Yaoru is one of the potential suitors for Ai Ling in the Boathouse. Dong and Zhong: Dong will approach you and say he is having trouble with his Ogre labourer Zhong.

Chai Jin: Before speaking to Chai Jin , it is probably a good idea to check the Player body, spirit and mind to determine which is the highest and lowest.

Kindly Yushan: If the Player have not already gone to the Ruins , then Kindly Yushan will not have much to say. Categories :. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Fan Feed 0 Fighting styles 1 Main Page 2 Quests. With Dawn Star by your side, you should be able to dispatch them relatively quickly, so take them down and start making your way to Gujin, to the north.

There's a Bamboo Cask in the northern part of town that will hold a few silver coins for you; you can also use the Scroll Stand in Gujin's shop to complete your first Hidden Book Set, which will net you the Legacy of Master Li book, which apparently adds a bonus to your Focus score.

When you talk to Gujin, he'll give you the opportunity to choose between two weapon styles. The sword style is a bit quicker, with shorter reach, while the staff focuses on slower strikes that are a bit stronger.

Take either weapon as you choose and get ready to use them. On your way back to the lower part of town, you'll face off against two more enemies, then fight four more in the main square.

These guys can do a significantly larger amount of damage to you than previous enemies have been capable of, thanks to their weapons, so be sure to keep an eye on your health and use your Chi Healing when necessary.

Although you'll be prompted to head to the beach after fighting off the bandits in the square, first head south to a small residential area where another villager is being attacked by four bandits.

If you can drive them off, you'll gain plenty of experience and will be able to loot the Villager's Chest for silver. You'll have to fight off all of these bandits if you wish to save Two Rivers.

When you're ready to get down to some real combat, head to the east to find the beach. You may want to use the Focus and Chi shrines near Gujin's shop to restore your health before doing so, though.

The bandits' ship is there, and they're coming ashore in full force. You'll have to defeat no fewer than three waves of enemies, with the first two consisting of groups of four foes.

The second wave of enemies will also include a powerful Bandit Leader, so be wary of his claw attacks.

Keep in mind that there will be some cannon shots coming in at you during this fight; when Dawn tells you to watch out, be sure to use your B button and dodging moves to cover some ground, as they'll be aimed right at your feet.

If they hit your enemies and Immolate them, rush in and pound on them while they're burning to finish them off. The third wave of foes are more interesting; these are the first spirit enemies that you'll encounter.

Spirit enemies are immune to your weapon style, so switch back to your martial style to take them on. They also possess ranged attacks, so be quick with the dodge button.

If you find yourself having trouble with these fights, then you may want to flip Dawn Star over to Support mode in the Followers menu.

This will cause her to sit and silently channel her energies, which will cause your own Chi meter to continually recharge, allowing you to heal yourself as often as you like.

All the enemies will ignore her, though, and attack you, which can be a bit overwhelming. When Master Li does his trick with the boat, he'll come back ashore and finish off the last of the bandits, then ask you to meet him back at the academy to discuss current events.

The first thing to do when you regain control of your character will be to level up. You'll be able to increase your Body, Spirit, and Mind attributes a good idea at this point is to put a point into each ability , as well as some of your styles.

You only have two style points; it'd be wise to increase the damage and speed of your primary Martial ability, which is what you're likely to be using more often than anything else.

When you regain control of your character, you'll be able to speak to Old Ming, if you wish to learn a little more backstory. He doesn't seem to have anything critical to tell you, but there's some interesting information in his conversation tree if you wish to hear it.

Ni Joh is the son of one of the men in the town square you encountered earlier; whether his father lived or died, you can earn some points towards the Closed Fist path by treating his concerns bruskly.

After returning to the town square, you can meet up with Fen Do, one of the merchants who has suddenly appeared. He doesn't have anything to sell just yet.

Before you return to school, head back to the residential area in the south of town to fight off a few of Gao's goons - you can't avoid a fight here, so just take them down for the experience and cash that they drop.

If you're seriously loathing the weapon you chose from Gujin earlier, you can also return to him and exchange it. When you're ready to move on, return to the school and head towards Master Li.

If you wish to engage in a little side quest, then talk to Smiling Mountain and inquire about Kia Min's healing to pick up Side Quest: Kia Min.

If you walk down to the beach again in the course of that quest, you can also pick up Side Quest: An Unfortunate Debt. When you reach Master Li, he'll tell you to explore the Spirit Cave - but before you can go, Gao interrupts and challenges you to a duel.

When you're ready to accept his duel, talk to Li and fight! Be sure to save your game ahead of time.

Gao is a pretty tough opponent, mostly due to the large amount of health that he possesses, but his attacks will mostly be avoidable if you're quick with dodges.

If you enter with full health and Chi, then you should be able to heal yourself up if you happen to take damage. The key to beating Gao is to stay out of his way, and not letting him box you into a corner.

With your forward flip, though, that should be easy. Beyond that, the basics are going to win this for you; block or dodge when he uses normal attacks, use a power attack when he's blocking, and otherwise just avoid him.

He'll go down after a couple of minutes of solid punching. When you've finished up the Lion of Two Rivers , Kia Min , and An Unfortunate Debt side quests, save your game and speak to Master Li in his home.

The resultant cutscene will reveal a bit of your past, but will probably only bring up more questions for you.

Afterward, he'll ask you to enter the Spirit Cave, the site of your first true challenge. After you bypass the first gate in the spirit cave, walk forward and use the Pillar to receive the Dragon Amulet.

With it, you'll be able to equip certain gems that you find in your travels. If you have any already, use the A button to place them into the amulet and receive the bonuses that they accord you.

After fighting off the three spirits that attack you, use the amulet to read the seal on the next gate to the north, then head through.

Your next fight is against the Old Master, a previous master at the school. He's powerful, and possesses a damaging ice attack that can hit you from above, so stay mobile and try to take down his minions before focusing on him.

He doesn't have much health, so close in with your Martial style and bring him down. When the Old Master has been killed, a strange apparition will appear and offer you a gift: you may learn either an Ice or Fire Magic style.

Make your choice as you please. When you regain control of your character, be sure to examine the various containers in this area to find more items and cash, then read the Scrollstands before entering the portal to return to Master Li.

Ice is probably the better choice here, but you can always buy the other style later in the game. After emerging from the Spirit Cave, you'll learn from Master Li that Gao is involved in the disappearance of Dawn Star.

Before you rush out after him, though, stop by Smiling Mountain; he'll sell a few gems if you have the cash to buy them.

For silver, you can purchase a gem that will add one point to either your Body, Mind, or Spirit attributes.

When you're ready to head after Gao, return to town, where you'll find the charred body of Si Pat, apparently cut down by Gao during his escape. If you want more gems, speak to Fan Do for a new selection.

He'll also tell you to talk to Gujin about Gao's escape. On your way up the stairs to Gujin's shop, a villager will likely be waiting for you.

If you opened the Villager's Chest during the earlier fights with the bandits in town, he'll ask you if you've seen the silver that was in it. If you wish to return the cash to him, you can, or you can simply laugh and keep it for yourself, with the appropriate alignment shifts.

After talking with Gujin, head north towards the gate out of town. You'll have to deal with multiple goons of Gao the Greater at this point, including the villager from the Unfortunate Debt sidequest, if you happened to tell him to deal with his problems himself.

Defeat them, then talk to the guard to learn that Gao has headed to the swamps. After defeating the first group of bandits that you encounter here, speak to Merchant Hing to learn that the bandits have taken off with his wife, allowing you to pick up the Side Quest: The Flower Of The Fields.

When you're done talking to him, walk along the path behind him to meet up with Sagacious Zu. However you treat him, he'll join you as a follower.

After examining the area for bones and a Scrollstand, start moving north to the bandit camp take the left path first, as it'll let you fight a couple more enemies for extra XP , which has been overtaken by Gao's soldiers.

Defeat them to learn a bit more about the drama surrounding Dawn Star - apparently she's managed to escape Gao and flee into a cave nearby.

When you're done interrogating the soldier, you can either let him go, or kill him as your whim strikes. One of the bamboo casks in this area has been trapped.

Since you can't currently tell when chests are trapped, all you can really hope to do is avoid the trap by evading its effects when it goes off.

A high Focus score will help you do so, so before you open these chests, equip any Monk Gems you happen to have.

Ogres are intimidatingly big, but it's not overly difficult to dodge their attacks. When you're ready to find and rescue Dawn Star, head north into the Swamp Cave, dwelling place of Ogres and Toad Demons.

Your path will be blocked by one of Gao's well-timed fireballs, but it's of no matter; you'll at least have confirmation that Dawn Star is still alive.

Take your time exploring the cave and fighting off the Ogres here. These guys have some powerful attacks, so be sure to use your backflip to avoid their power attacks when they start to glow blue, as a single hit will knock a third of your life off in one shot, if not more.

If possible, let the Ogres face you while Zu attacks them from behind - he doesn't deal a lot of damage but can kill them if given enough time. When you've dealt with the Ogres, head up the ramp in the middle of the cave to deal with your first Toad Demon.

You'll need to be mindful of their power attacks, which come out quickly and will poison your character when they hit. Again, though, it's a two-on-one situation, so let Zu strike when he can while you avoid or block the Toad's attacks.

When the Toad goes down, you'll gain your first Transformation Style: Toad Demon. With it in hand, search the cave for any remaining bones or chests, then head down to where Gao and Dawn Star are conversing.

You can take on Gao by yourself or with friends; it doesn't seem to make much of a difference either way. Gao brings a number of new abilities to the table here.

You can attempt to take him down either by yourself, or with either Dawn Star or Zu by your side; you don't seem to gain any extra experience by taking him down on your own, so feel free to pack a sidekick if you wish.

The most notable change between this bout and your earlier duel with Gao will be his use of ranged fire attacks. In addition to his normal firebolts, he can also summon a dragon to spit out flames in a wide swath of the fighting zone.

Keep in mind that your Toad Demon transformation style is immune to fire damage, so feel free to switch over to it if you want to be temporarily immune to the firebolts.

It will constantly drain your Chi, though, which you'll probably need more for healing than magical tricks. If you run low on Chi or Health, keep in mind that you can bust the two rocks in the arena while you're in free-target mode.

One of them will drop a small Focus replenishment, but the other should net you a full Chi restore, so use whatever Chi you enter the fight with to heal yourself, then bust it and grab the pickup when you're running low.

You'll want to close in on Gao while he's firing firebolts at you by side-dodging his bolts and jumping in as possible, then using your weapon style or your Focus mode to beat him down at close range.

You can also try matching magic styles with him at range, which can be especially neat if you have Dawn Star along in Support mode to continually replinish your Chi.

However you deal with him, take down Gao and select one of the party to help you clean out the cave. There are three chests near Gao's corpse, including a new technique for you, silver, and a good chance at a new gem.

When you have them, head back to the entrance of the cave. You'll need to take your little flying machine up to the skies to take them down, old-school-shooter style.

The controls here are about as easy to use as you could imagine; just use your left analog stick to move your ship up and down or left and right, and use the A button to fire your weapon.

Your X button can be used to activate a temporary energy shield around the ship, but you shouldn't need to use it. If you're quick on the fire button, you should be able to take down everything save for the first two bombers that you spot.

When you hit the ground, start making your way back through town - or what's left of it, anyway. Most of the villagers will have been killed, but you can wreak havoc on the invaders with Dawn Star by your side.

This map is actually a combination of the town map and the school map, since many of the areas have been blocked off, so head west until you reach the school.

Before going into the main area, head to the southern sparring field to fight more bandits, and be sure to search the Student's Body here. When you're ready to move on, head into the school's main square.

Feel free to flex your Toad Demon muscles during the fights against Gao's mercenaries. Another wave of enemies will come at you here, with another wave coming after that.

The second wave will feature Gao's Lieutenant, who wields claws and lightning attacks that can shock you. Dawn Star will likely get beat up by him if you attempt to take on the minions first, but that's not such a bad thing; if you monitor her health and flip her over to Support mode before she dies, she'll be able to continually restore your Chi, allowing you to heal yourself or blast away with your magic style.

When the Lieutenant and his minions die, Jing Woo will appear, and tell you with his last dying breath that Death's Hand, a close lieutenant of the Emperor, was responsible for this offense, and that Master Li was taken away shortly before he arrived.

After the conversation, you'll blast off in your ship for another trading town. On your way out, you can choose to engage in another mini-game of ship battling, if you wish, or just head straight to your destination.

After obtaining this quest from the merchant in the swamps, head to the northeast of his position to find three bandits harrying a woman.

If you rescue them, you'll be able to free the woman, as well as the merchant's cow, which is the real flower that he was referring to - lololpwned.

Accept your reward and get moving. After your conversation with Master Li, you can inspect the statue of the Lions of Two Rivers, which interacts with the three lion figurines you can find in a nearby chest.

You can't do much with it yet, save mimic the colored lights that flash when you approach the altar, but keep the figurines anyway. When you have some silver in your pocket, take the path leading north of the school to the grounds where two students were formerly sparring.

There's a small tomb here which, if you place a single silver coin into its mouth, will yield another lion figurine. If you approach the alter in Master Li's house again, you can use this figurine on the statue, which will change the sphere to a greenish color.

Here's the steps to earn your reward:. This puzzle is simple to solve when you have the figurine of the head. Place blue and yellow.

Sphere turns orange. Remove blue, place red. Sphere turns purple. Remove yellow, place blue. After you obtain this quest from Smiling Mountain, talk to Kia Min near the steps leading to Master Li's house.

She'll tell you that she's been injured, and cannot spar you until she's been healed. In order to help speed her recovery, you'll need to travel back to Old Ming at the beach and learn about the two grasses that you can give her: red silk grass will bind the wound and allow her to actually heal, while bearded tongue grass will just deaden the pain, allowing her to believe that she's been healed, but not doing much besides acting as anasthesia.

Your choice is fairly clear; if you want to actually heal Kia Min, get the red silk grass and give it to her; if you're traveling the path of the Closed Fist, though, and don't particularly care about her physical well-being, get the bearded tongue grass.

You should be able to knock Fan Do down to 20 silver on the sell price, and if you're particularly bad, you can get Kia Min to pay you 50 silver for the herb when you return to her.

When you've either healed or sabotaged Kia Min's body, return to Smiling Mountain and ask him to spar.

That is because Chai could guarantee them safety with his danshu tiequan , which also bars the authorities from searching his house.

Fairly good in martial arts, Chai is known to open his door to all chivalrous men and will provide them generously with money when they leave.

Many Liangshan outlaws regard him as their protector embedded in high society. Covetous of the mansion of Chai Jin's uncle, Yin has been harassing the family to force them to surrender it for free.

As the old man would not budge, the latter orders his thugs to beat him up. Chai Jin hurries from Cangzhou to Gaotangzhou when told of his uncle's condition, but the latter soon dies from his injuries.

Yin comes again to seize the house. He orders his men to beat Chai Jin, who obstructs his way at the gate. Liangshan's Li Kui is with Chai at that time as he has been ordered to stay away from the stronghold, at least temporarily, as an appeasement to Zhu Tong.

Zhu is furious with Li for killing a magistrate's four-year-old son placed in his care. The killing is ordered by Wu Yong , Liangshan's chief strategist, to leave Zhu with no choice but to join Liangshan.

Also macht sich Li Kui auf die Suche nach Wasser. Li Kui ist einer der wenigen Liangshan-Helden, die die Kampagnen gegen die Liao- Invasoren und Rebellen auf Song- Territorium überleben. Nun gehen wir zum Kapitän und gucken uns die Auseinandersetzung mit seinen Männern an, danach Rtl Gratis Spiele wir zu ihm und reden mit ihm, danach gehen wir aufs Schiff und lesen den Buchständer und öffnen die Kiste. Wir gehen erst den rechten Weg bis wir wieder kämpfen müssen, danach öffnen wir die Fässer und gehen in den Wachturm und machen die Kisten auf, in der rechten Kiste ist ein Fehlerhaftes Gelehrten Juwel und links machen wir nur die Kiste auf die gegenüber der Fackel ist darin befindet sich ein Seidensaiten, weil die andere eine Falle ist.


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